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Our Story

Forty years ago, our families left Vietnam, lived in Thailand and the Philippines then landed in Portland, Oregon. We met in this town, went to Japan to study and work for a number of years, came back and have been proud to call Portland home (for us and our three kids) ever since.

Though we've lived all over this town, travelled to many places including Hawaii and worked in a lot of different fields, one thing has stayed constant: our love for Asian/Hawaiian cooking. We are excited to invite you into our kitchen and share our love of food with you. We serve you with sushi (Hawaiian) burritos and loaded plates of fresh, healthy and delicious wild-caught Ahi tuna & wild-caught salmon poke, wild-caught Ahi tuna & wild-caught salmon sushi bowls, Hawaiian chicken, loco moco, beef shrotribs, tofu & Kalua pork made to order.

​Our restaurant is designed to get you your food with respect for your time. Eating in with us or to-go? Just a few short questions then your food is ready to grab a seat or to-go in a few minutes.

​Catering or delivering our food to your party? No problem, contact our third party vendor at POSTMATES, UBER EATS, GRUBHUB, DOORDASH to order, we'll package up anything on our menu and they'll deliver to your party.

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